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Training programs
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Training programs

The training of personal development for employees in the Group is classified into two groups including professional knowledge or skills and integrated management.
Equipped with training school, The Group organizes the company staff regularly to participate in trainings of job skills and professional knowledge, etc. Meanwhile, it works with professional training institutions for years under training contracts to organize the staffs to participate in a variety of public courses according to their own needs, open their career horizons and improve their professional faith. Further more, there will be courses by external experts invited to the Group periodically each year and these courses are tailored especially for the demands of employees.

Management—— Group management team, Branch team, Administration, Finance Dept, Planning Dept
Business—— Business Dept, Purchase & Order Dept, Production plan Dept, QA Dept, Logistics Dept, Bills Dept
Technical—— IE Dept, Technical Center, Test Center, Factory, IT Center, IT Dept
It is organized uniformly by the Group and all the new employees will be guided uniformly and introduced with the status, rules and regulations and basic processes of the Group. The Group strives to make employees know more about the company more quickly.
Staff are led by their host departments directly and introduced with detailed work processes, job functions and requirements of the department. Besides, "job description" of each post will be attached in order to let employees understand the work content and adapt to work as soon as possible.
Regular training. Employees are organized to participate in internal and external training based on individual needs and development direction of each company, thus to improve the comprehensive ability and professional level of employees.
Cultivation of backup cadres. The Group has established a backup cadre training plan that focuses on the selection from subsidiary company, cultivation of young forces. Backup cadres gradually become an important management talents after specific and targeted training.
The Group maintains good communication with the well-known institutions to select outstanding fresh graduates of the University as the company's back-up staff for the development of the company.
They are recruited and trained by the Group, and sent to various companies in different positions for internship. The Group cultivates a number of new forces through various training exercises and familiarizations.

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