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Leacheng Group Suzhou Company, located in the heart of Suzhou Hi-tech Industry Park, Jiangsu, China, is one of the five production enterprises under Leacheng Group Co., Ltd. It was the first production facility set up by Leacheng Group. Its main products are home loungewear. Leacheng Group Suzhou Company manufactures garment products for Wal-Mart and other mass market retailers and department stores. It also produces garment products for many name brands, such as Nautica, which belongs to VF. Leacheng Group Suzhou Company employs 550 employees and covers 24,000 square meters area. Leacheng Group Suzhou Company and its cooperative factories have more than 1,500 sets of equipments. It has an annual production of 15 million of garments with annual sales more than US $40 million. It has obtained certification from Wal-Mart, Disney, Li&Fung, Kohl's, WRAP, SEARS and TARGET.

Add: 558 Changjiang Road, New District,Suzhou, Jiangsu, China 215129
Tel: 0086-512-66655588
Fax: 0086-512-66655518

Add:558 Changjiang Road, New District, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China 215129 Tel:0086-512-6665 5588 Fax:0086-512-6662 8121
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